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PHATechTips is a How To Guide For PC and Windows Operating System and other computer related technical problems you may encounter,  it is a site aims in helping computer software and PC hardware users. In this site you’ll find Windows tutorials, guides and tips on how to use your PC properly and efficiently.  This site also guides you in troubleshooting your computer through the how to guide and other articles that can be found in this site.


In this site you’ll also able to find Linux Operating System, MaC O.S, Smart Devices and electronic guides, tutorials, reference and online calculators such as resistor color code and ohms law calculator. With your basic knowlege in computer, know what component or peripheral inside your computer and the do's and don'ts in basic safety procedures in doing your computer troubleshooting can be enough. Most of the Windows tutorials and guides in this site are designed for the computer beginners, tutorials and guides are always accompanied with images and some with links to other reference in such a way that it is easy to follow and understand.

Pin-out connection and diagram for standard 24-pin ATX 12 v power supply and ATX auxillary power connector
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Pin-out connection and diagram for RCA audio cable connector and S-Video video cable connector
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Pin-out connection and diagram for digital visual interface (DVI
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Pin-out connection and diagram for high definition multimedia interface ( HDMI )
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