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How to Update Windows 7 Using Windows Update
Category: [Windows 7][Online Security]
Windows update is a service provided by Microsoft for windows operating system to download patches to fix security holes and other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office. Updating your windows operating system keeps your PC safer and run smoothlyread more...

How to Enable or Disable Windows Firewall in windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][Online Security]
Once you connect your computer to the internet or to a network, your Windows operating system will now be vulnerable to attack from hackers and malicious software such as worms, this is true if you don't have antivirus software installed and your Windows firewall is disabledread more...

How To Disable User Account Control ( UAC ) In Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Category: [Windows 7][Windows 8][Online Security]
If you love using Windows 7 or its newer family of Windows Operating system then you might probably be aware of what User Account Control (UAC) is. It is that nagging popup that shows up if you try to run an app or try to install something on more...

How to Enable or Disable JavaScript in Different Web Browser
Category: [Windows Xp][Windows Vista][Windows 7][Online Security]
JavaScript are programming language used by most website authors to add interactivity or to add functionality to their own sites such as polls, validating form and much more. With JavaScript disabled this interactive features or added functionality of many website are also disabled or cannot be executed by the browserread more...

When you install your computer operating system such as windows xp or buy a new computer with preinstalled operating system installed a user account is already created on it. The name of the user account your using can be seen at the top of the start menu. Imagine customizing the feel and look of your desktop then someone uses your computer and customize the desktop that is entirely different to what you have set.
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The motherboard is the central printed circuit board of the whole computer system it is in here where you interconnect peripheral devices and other hardware devices such as the Harddrive, Memory, Video card and the main brain of the system, the microprocessor. It is also here where you interconnect other devices such as the printer, keyboard and mouse.
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Pin-out connection and diagram for Parallel Port - LPT
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