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How to Enable or Disable Access to the Windows Registry
Category: [PC Maintenance]
The system registry is used for storing information and configuration about the computer. Modifying the system registry especially if you don't know what you're doing could lead to your Windows operating system un-operational or even worse you have to clean install your windows again. If you share your computer with other user you might want to give them a Standard User account or prevent them from modifying the system registryread more...

How To Check Disk For Errors With CHKDSK in Windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][PC Maintenance]
If ever you suspect that there is something wrong on your hard drive, you can check your disk using CHKDSK a Windows 7 disk checking tool. CHKDSK scans your hard drive for errors and makes your computer performance improve by making sure your HDD has no more...

How to Use System Restore in Windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][PC Maintenance]
The use of system restore is to restore your computer system files in its earlier state or to the state when your computer works perfectly. There are times when you install software or driver to your system when suddenly your computer behave erraticallyread more...

How to clean up your hard drive using Windows disk cleanup
Category: [Windows Xp][Windows 7][Windows 8][PC Maintenance]
As we use our computer the hard drive of our PC accumulate temporary files overtimes. These temporary files are created when you run a particular program and delete it when you close the program normally. Temporary files are used by the system especially when the program you execute cannot allocate enough memory to do its task. Your Internet browser also creates temporary files when you browse the internet and overtime this file amasses on the computer hard drive and slows down your computerread more...

If you have large collection of audio CD and you want to listen on them on your portable player such as your Phone or play it on your portable mp3 player, then you can extract or rip the content of your audio cd to a digital audio format and build a large personalized library on your hard drive or portable media player
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This Ohm's Law Calculator will calculate Voltage based on the given value, calculations are based on the ohms law triangle equations. Give the required value and click on solve button to output the (V) value, click on reset button to clear all the box content.
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Pin-out connection and diagram for digital visual interface (DVI
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