Keyboard Test

Want to check your keyboard keys for functionality?

You can use this utility to check your keyboard functionality, Whenever you press a key on your keyboard the corresponding key on the screen will change it's color. You can also check your keyboard LED lights, for example pressing the CAPS lock on your keyboard will also change the image on your screen keyboard led light location and also indicated on the table below.






Keyboard Light Status

Num Lock :


ScrollLock :


Caps Lock :


Unicode Last Key Pressed







This Ohm''s Law Calculator will calculate Resistance based on the given value, calculations are based on the ohms law triangle equations. Give the required value and click on solve button to output the (R) value, click on reset button to clear all the box content.
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The memory of a computer is a temporary data storage, it is compared to a hard drive that stores data for read/ write access operation but the difference is that the content inside the memory will only be available till the computer is powered on and when you turn it off or restart your system all its content will be lost
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