How to Install a clean copy of Windows 10



Installing clean or fresh copy of Windows 10 operating system involves removing your old operating system and erasing all the content of the drive were your previous operating system reside. Clean install is also used when you have a new hard drive and want to install Windows in to this drive, remember that clean install means wiping all the content of the drive or partition where you want to install Windows, therefore before you clean install a new operating system it is a must that you save all your important data files to other drive or using an externar HDD drive, otherwise they all be gone after you clean install your new operating system.



What you need when clean installing Operating System.


  • Operating System DVD disk or bootable USB drive where O.S installer resides
  • Windows Serial key but you can activate your Windows later after installation is complete

    Envoke boot priority by pressing F12 or F8 during B.I.O.S Power-On-Self-Test and select the DVD drive where Windows installer reside. If boot selection menu don't appear by pressing F12 or F8 then you have to manually set your boot device priority in the BIOS menu or activate the F12 boot selection at the BIOS menu.




    When you see this screen, press any key on your keyboard to boot on the CD/DVD drive or USB drive


    Install Windows 10


    Click Instal now to begin installation of Windows 10


    Windows 10 License term


    Click on "I accept the license term" checkbox then click on the "Next" botton


    Windows 10 type of installation


    Select "Custom: Install Windows Only (advanced)"



    partition and format hdd windows 100 installation


    Click on the available unallocated space and click on "New" or if Windows 10 is previously installed on the drive, then click on that drive and click on format drive.



    windows 10 partition setup


    Select the higher drive capacity then click the "Next" button



    Windows 10 installation


    Windows 10 installation will now continue, Windows 10 installation will restart several times, this might take several minute to complete



    Windows 10 installation Cortana


    Windows 10 Cortana will be here to assist you

    First you will be ask for your Region then click "Yes",

    next You'll be ask for the type of keyboard your using then click on "Yes"

    next you can connect to your network or you can click "skip for now"


    name your pc in windows 10 installation


    Type the name you want to name your account and click the "Next" button. Then type your desired password. Next with Cortana your personnal assistant you can choose your privacy setting for your device when everything is okay you can "Accept" the setting to finish the setup.

    In just a few minute your Windows 10 setup will be complete



    Windows 10 complete installation


    Windows 10 installation is now complete.

    How to clean install Windows 10


    There are times that you need to install a particular software or hardware or you just wanted to edit your setting and windows require you to be logged in as administrator but even your current login account with administrator privilege doesn't work out, or maybe you just want the administrator account shows up when windows welcome screen appears. In such cases like this, you probably need the administrator account built-in with windows.
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