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How to install a clean copy of Windows 10
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Do you need to install a clean copy of Windows 10 to your PC?, then this guide is for you it is a step by step guide to installing Windows 10 to your PC machineread more...

In many circuit applications, resistance must be inserted into the circuit in the purpose of reducing the current or to produce a desired IR voltage drop. The component used for this are resistor and labeled with the letter R in the circuit diagrams. Resistor are the most commonly found component in all electronic equipment, from a small AM radio to a color television receiver
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This Ohm''s Law Calculator will calculate Power based on the given value, calculations are based on the ohms law triangle equations. Give the required value and click on solve button to output the (P), click on reset button to clear all the box content.
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Pin-out connection and diagram for RCA audio cable connector and S-Video video cable connector
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