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How To Automatically Run Program When Windows Load
Category: [Windows Xp][Windows 7]
Always running the same program after you have logged in to windows is a repetitive task, this process can be done automatically within the software settings or by copying the program shortcut to the Startup groupread more...

How To Create An ISO Image File From A CD, DVD or BD Disc
Category: [Windows 7][Multimedia]
Creating an ISO image file is an effective way to back up your optical disc such as media disc or data disc. You can then burn this iso disc as a disc backup or with the use of CD/DVD tools you can mount the iso image as if it is a real more...

How To Setup Your PC As A Wireless Access Point In Windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][Home Networking]
Do you have wireless devices such as laptop and smart phone and want it to browse the internet but don't have a router to do the job? This is possible in Windows 7 provided that you have at least a wireless adapter and an Ethernet port connected to the internet or a USB device with 3G or 4G more...

How To Check Disk For Errors With CHKDSK in Windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][PC Maintenance]
If ever you suspect that there is something wrong on your hard drive, you can check your disk using CHKDSK a Windows 7 disk checking tool. CHKDSK scans your hard drive for errors and makes your computer performance improve by making sure your HDD has no more...

How to Set Media Player the Default Media Player in Windows 8
Category: [Windows 7][Multimedia]
In Windows 8 the default media player is no longer Windows Media player instead it lunches the Music app when you interact with media files.If you love Windows Media Player and want to bring back WMP as your default media player then follow these simple steps to set your default media playerread more...

How To Find Your Network Wifi Password or Network Security Key
Category: [Windows 7][Windows 8][Home Networking]
To be able to connect your wireless device on a secured network whether it is a home or corporate network you have to know the wifi password to gain access on the network. If you are the administrator of your home or corporate network you might already know your network wireless password and know where to find more...

How to Use System Restore in Windows 7
Category: [Windows 7][PC Maintenance]
The use of system restore is to restore your computer system files in its earlier state or to the state when your computer works perfectly. There are times when you install software or driver to your system when suddenly your computer behave erraticallyread more...

How to Update Windows 7 Using Windows Update
Category: [Windows 7][Online Security]
Windows update is a service provided by Microsoft for windows operating system to download patches to fix security holes and other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office. Updating your windows operating system keeps your PC safer and run smoothlyread more...

How to Rip or Extract Audio CD with Windows Media player 12
Category: [Windows 7][Multimedia]
If you have large collection of audio CD and you want to listen on them on your portable player such as your Phone or play it on your portable mp3 player, then you can extract or rip the content of your audio cd to a digital audio format and build a large personalized library on your hard drive or portable media playerread more...

How to Restore Windows 7 or Windows 8 from System Image
Category: [Windows 7][Windows 8]
Major disaster happens to our computer whether we like it or not such as when our computer stop working or the computer is unable to boot or load Windows. Boot errors could be due to hardware problem such hard drive failure or software problems such as viruses or corrupted Windows operating system files. When this occur Windows system Image comes very handy because we can restore our computer operating system to the state when Windows is working to its full more...

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Using a wireless network in your home or office is more convenient than using a lan cable connected to a router or a switches. You can do all what a wired network can do such as sharing internet access, files sharing, printer sharing, online games, browse computers connected to your network and some other stuff what a wired network can do. A wired network cable can run up to hundred meters before signal is lost and requires a repeater while a wireless network will depend on the technology the router is using such as Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output or "MIMO" and Wireless-A / B/ G and N technology
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This Ohm''s Law Calculator will calculate Power based on the given value, calculations are based on the ohms law triangle equations. Give the required value and click on solve button to output the (P), click on reset button to clear all the box content.
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If you are using pirated or illegal Windows product key (aka Serial Key or CD key) and want to change your product key to a genuine or legal product key you just bought from Microsoft and decided not to reformat and re-install all of your software, then you’re just on the right place. You can easily change product key without re-installing everything in Windows 7 and Windows 8 by following this method.
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