how to install ubuntu desktop 18 LTS on your pc



Ubunto is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu 18.04 has a codenamed Bionic Beaver. Ubunto has improved boot speed, minimal installation option, an updated LibreOffice 6.0, automated security updates, and the removal of the 32-bit installer option.


First before you can install Ubuntu on your computer you have to download an iso image at Ubuntu website if you don't have the installer then burn it to a dvd disk or create a bootable flash disk with Ubunto on it. If you don't know how to burn iso file to disk then you can follow this instruction on how to burn iso image to optical disc on this website.


The time to install Ubuntu desktop on your computer will take from 30 minute to an hour or more depending on your system specification


First we have to insert the Ubunto disc to your DVD drive and press F8 or F12 during BIOS Power-On-Self-Test to envoke boot device menu, the function key to press will depend on your computer manufacturer.


ubuntu installtion boot process


You'll see this screen when you are booting Ubuntu


ubuntu installation language selection menu


Then you have to select what language to use on this screen, after you have selected your preferred language you then click the "Install Ubuntu" button to continue.


ubuntu installation language keyboard layout menu


Next select your Keyboard layout then click the "Contunue" button.


ubuntu installation update and other software menu


Next select the "Normal Installation" default selected or you can select "Minimal installation" with this selected less application will be installed choose this if you have low disk space.


Other options such as "Download updates while installing Ubuntu", check this if you have internet connection ready during installation. With this option selected updates will be downloaded automatically.


ubuntu installation installation type menu


This process will erase your disk content, so be sure no important files on this disk. If it is a new drive then that okay. If you want to resize or partition your drive you can click on "Something else" radio button to configure your drive. If you opted for encrypted installation then you will be ask to choose for secury key, This security key is not a password for your user account but a password to turn on the computer using Ubuntu. If everything is set properly then you can click on the "Install now" button.


ubuntu installation installation type write changes to disk menu


If everything looks good click on "Continue" to apply the default partition and continue installation


ubuntu installation regional selection menu


Select your regional setting and click the "Continue" button


ubuntu installation username and password menu


Type in your desired name and desired computer name here, this is your account on this computer and will be use for your Ubunto login, you also have to provide password for your account. Comfirm your choices and then click the "Continue" button.


ubuntu installation continuing installaion


After clicking the continue button setback and relax and view the slide show, this process will take sometime, soon it will be complete and ready to use.


ubuntu installation login to your account


Login using your password you've created during account creation.


ubuntu installation completed installaion


Installation of Ubuntu desktop is now complete, you can now enjoy your all free Operating System. Enjoy using Ubuntu Operating System.

How to install ubuntu desktop 18 LTS on your pc



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