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how to install ubuntu desktop 18 LTS on your pc
Ubunto is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu 18.04 has a codenamed Bionic Beaver. Ubunto has improved boot speed, minimal installation option, an updated LibreOffice 6.0, automated security updates, and the removal of the 32-bit installer optionread more...

In many circuit applications, resistance must be inserted into the circuit in the purpose of reducing the current or to produce a desired IR voltage drop. The component used for this are resistor and labeled with the letter R in the circuit diagrams. Resistor are the most commonly found component in all electronic equipment, from a small AM radio to a color television receiver
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Once you connect your computer to the internet or to a network, your Windows operating system will now be vulnerable to attack from hackers and malicious software such as worms, this is true if you don't have antivirus software installed and your Windows firewall is disabled
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This series resistor calculator can calculate up to nine series resistance value, input the resistance on the boxes as labeled R1..R9, then select ohms, kilo ohms or megaohms in the dropbox. When input have been completed click on solve to calculate the total resistance.
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